Goldsmiths Design Festival wrap-up

We’ve already talked about some of the highlights from our Goldsmiths Design Festival (3-9 September), but the festival weekend was full of great events from which it was hard to pick where to go first.


One of the most exciting events taking place was the Draw to Perform symposium, curated by artist Ram Samocha, which brought to Goldsmiths a line-up of daring, unique performance art sessions involving, amongst other things, a glue gun, milk and nudity.

Our MA Fashion course and the Goldsmiths Fashion Research Unit organised an all-day workshop on the pleasures and politics of fashion education.

The Design department at Goldsmiths values its relationship with alumni very highly, and many return as guest speakers, visiting and permanent lecturers. During the festival, a few BA Design graduates fom the class of 2015 brought back their graduation projects to be exhibited again:

Meanwhile, Candyce Dryburgh and Belen Palacios held a talk on their post-graduation career path and the lessons they learned in the process of finding their own way.

Award-winning design duo El Ultimo Grito held their Architectural Inflatable Prototypes workshop on the Goldsmiths tennis courts.


The Design Festival also saw the launch of MULTIPLEXER, a new BOOKzine and cultural journal for design rooted practices.


You can find many more photos of Goldsmiths Design Festival events on our Facebook page, and also read back on our blog coverage of the Festival. The full programme of events  is still online as well- let us know what you’ve enjoyed most and what you’d like to see again!

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