Rose Sinclair to talk about Dorcas societies at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Goldsmiths Design lecturer Rose Sinclair will hold a talk at the V&A early in the new year, as part of the museum’s Art and Existence series of talks: “Welcome to the Culture Club – Dorcas Societies, crafting textiles in the front room”:

Dorcas, a woman who made garments for the poor (Bible: Acts chapter 9, versus 36-42), gave her name to countless Dorcas societies. These societies and clubs became embedded carriers of knowledge exchange and culture in textiles.  For women migrating from the Caribbean to Britain in the 1950s and 60s they continued to provide a space to share ‘church’ and textile expertise and much more within the front room, a space where these particular textiles were produced. Rose Sinclair presents a curated talk about the hidden history of Dorcas clubs and the contribution of Caribbean women to a British textiles aesthetic through what they describe as the ‘gift’ of textiles.

The talk will take place on Thursday 14th January 2016, between 2-4 pm, and it will be free to attend.

Bookings are now open on the V&A website.

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