Design alumna worked on heartbeat-connecting device

Nowadays technology makes it easier for us to see and hear our loved ones even when they are far away from us, but a new product developed by the start-up Little Riot (which includes Goldsmiths Design alumna Marion Lean) may bring a different kind of intimacy to long-distance relationships: Pillow Talk is a device that allows wearers to share each other’s heartbeats. Comprised of a wristband, app and speaker, the system transmits one partner’s heartbeat directly to the other one’s pillow.

Little Riot, the all-women start-up which developed Pillow Talk, was founded by Joanna Montgomery and also includes Marion Lean, who graduated from an MA in Design: Critical Practice at Goldsmiths in 2012. Marion says: “Pillow Talk offers a way to completely rethink the way we interact using technology today. At Goldsmiths we’re taught to go out and disrup the status quo, and given by the numbers of requests weve already had it seems people are keen for disruption.” (You can read a detailed story on Pillow Talk on the Goldsmiths website).

If you want to help Pillow Talk become a real-life product, you can support it on Kickstarter until 10 December. It seems the idea is already quite popular, and it has been featured in many media outlets, including Wired and the Daily Mail.
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