Masterclass for students and staff: “Doing Political Innovation with Buildings and Interventions with Buildings”

“This Wednesday, Andrés Jaque of the Office for Political Innovation (Madrid/Princeton) will deliver a Masterclass for students and staff on Doing Political Innovation with Buildings and Interventions with Buildings. This is a great opportunity for those interested in architectural and urban interventions as well as visual methods to work with an acclaimed and challenging architect.

Participants are invited to prepare for the Masterclass by reading the text Superpowers of Ten’ (click to download) and watching the videos below:

Video ‘IKEA Disobedients’ (MoMA collection)


If you want to come and join in the Masterclass please send an email to Carole Keegan (c.keegan[@]

Please note: the Masterclass is first come first served with limited spaces and is being held at 10-12am in Lockwood Building room 211 (AKA the ‘Hexagon’). Andrés Jaque will also speak at the re-opening (and renaming) of C(S)ISP later in the evening together with Antoine Hennion from 5-7pm which you are warmly invited to attend too.”

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