Correspondence from Goldsmiths Design’s Charlie Evans, Designer in Residence in Taiwan (II)

This summer, Charlie Evans (2014 BA Design graduate, and currently a Technical Tutor in the Department) is spending two months in Taipei, on a Designers in Residence program for the British Council in Taiwan. Charlie will send us regular correspondence with impressions from his experience; we’re publishing the second of his letters today.


Firefighters have a horrible time. I met with a station this week to experience a part of their training:

It’s already hot, I layer up, a mask goes on, oxygen is opened, a helmet goes on. I have to internally rationalise my ability to breath because nothing about having my entire body being hermetically sealed indicates survival.

Beyond the body and its immediate architecture ­ my initial motivation for visiting ­ there is an additional aspect I had not anticipated; the firefighters rapidly transition between psychological spaces. Intensity and apathy. Lunch. Conversation. I can’t breath and people might die. Conversation. Dinner.


Read Charlie’s first article on our blog. He is also keeping a visual blog on Tumblr. 

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