Correspondence from Goldsmiths Design’s Charlie Evans, Designer in Residence in Taiwan (VI)

This summer, Charlie Evans (2014 BA Design graduate, and currently a Technical Tutor in the Department) spent two months in Taipei, on a Designers in Residence program for the British Council in Taiwan. Charlie sent us regular correspondence with impressions from his experience; we’re publishing his sixth letter today.


A brief synopsis of the Maximum Knee market stall that I used this week for the first time:

The customer enters the stall and stands facing me.

I tuck a tissue in their sock or around their footwear collar to act as a foot-bib.

I gently clean their knee with soap and a silicon sponge.

I use tissues to dry the knee.

I use a thick cling film as an under-wrap, looping around the tibia and patella ligament, back up over and around the femur and quadriceps tendon.

(This protects the leg hair from the tape’s glue and provides the first layer of support.)

I wrap 3 bands of electrical tape around the patellar ligament.

Colours are selected to improve the following:

Strength / Combat (Black)

Enlightenment / Knowledge (White)

Immortality / Health (Red)

Patience / Virtue (Yellow)

Fertility / Love (Blue)

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Charlie is also keeping a visual blog on Tumblr. 

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