Alumnus Lukas Valiauga on Fabrica residency and work after graduation

Lukas Valiauga graduated from the BA Design course at Goldsmiths in 2015, and he is currently a resident at Fabrica, the Benneton Group-financed communications research centre based in Treviso, Italy. Lukas tells us a bit about his work on the residency and his other projects since graduation:

What kind of work are you doing as part of your residency? 

Personally, the residency is an amazing opportunity to work developing research into how technologies shape our modern living, culture and communication.  Part of the work (and freedom!) is in experimenting with ideas, theories and research-led assumptions as well as specific technology.

Fabrica is at a unique intersection between worlds of art and commerce. Rather than as briefs, projects come as partnerships open to every resident to pitch their idea for; that way shaping and defining what an overall project will be like. A lot of personal research materialises into tangible output this way.

For example, for an exhibition at Milan Design Museum, I’ve presented an installation measuring Milan’s sky colour comparing it to the colour called ‘sky blue’.
Also, together with Jonas Eltes we made a painting which grows its value depending on its popularity with gallery visitors.  We are currently working on a several of web-based information experience projects.

How Blue is the Sky Blue

What do you find most challenging & most rewarding about it?

I think the most challenging part of the programme is in coping with ideas, opportunities and possibilities work brings. There is just not enough time for everything that you’d want to do! Most rewarding part is in the diversity of thinking and personal experience that people coming from all over the world bring to this centre.

What (else) have you been up to since you’ve graduated? How has your practice evolved since you left Goldsmiths?

Graduating from Goldsmiths Design made me understand that I did not graduate with any specific practice or profession to go into. Rather than that, I have graduated with a set of skills and experience to push my learning forward exploring fields of art and design defining my own take on the discipline.

I’ve been fortunate to have been involved in doing workshops with Hefin Jones for Design Museum, working within the digital service design field and also releasing an android based game Tower Block Tetris.

Tower Block Tetris

Images courtesy of Lukas Valiauga

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