“Iterations” preview: Digital (rough hewn) fabrication

The first ever graduation show for the MA in Design: Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths will be open to the public on 14-16 December 2018. As we approach the day of the exhibition opening, we’re giving you a preview of the diverse projects that will be on display. Today, we’re looking at the graduation project of Kawisara Anansaringkarn, which aims to maintain the legacy of craft in the digital era by introducing imperfections to the 3D printing process:

“Realising the value of imperfection in the crafting process is an important area of craft production. The aim of making sincere products for craftsmen makes craft provide a beautiful rough hewn aesthetic, which is appreciated by others because of its character and individual value.

Although 3D clay printing has come to play an increasingly important role in craft, using it as a method of accurately materialising a digital model is not part of the craft process. This consideration has led to the exploration and examination of the imperfections in a 3D clay printing process. Attention has shifted from materialised work, which resembles its digital master, to awareness that the process of turning data into a physical form is never seamless. Variation is a common factor that occurs during the craft process. This project uses its own imperfections to inform the new instructions for the machine, at which point the variation becomes apparent. Within this process, variation creates outcomes that emphasise the value of individuality and identity that tend to be associated with the rough-hewn language of craft.”

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