“Iterations” preview: Spirits in the Wardrobe

The first ever graduation show for the MA in Design: Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths will be open to the public on 14-16 December 2018. As we approach the day of the exhibition opening, we’re giving you a preview of the diverse projects that will be on display. Today, we’re looking at the graduation project of Chang Wang, which looks into how we define what is “new” when it comes to fashion and our relationship with the clothes we already have:


“This project introduces the term ‘psychological obsolescence’ as a starting point, indicating that the feeling of ‘new’ can be driven by our ever-changing state of mind and fluid perception toward the same piece of clothing. In this light, our clothes may remain new when they stay alive in their connection with us, as they can keep updated along with the changes in ourselves.

‘Spirits in the Wardrobe’ thus indicate that our clothes are imbued with this energy and aliveness that signify a newness, which challenge the simplistic definition of being ‘new’, and shopping as the major way to acquire the ‘new’. The changing room onsite is a capsule showroom of the project. It can be a screening room, where visitors can watch and listen a mixed group of people getting dressed, with a ritualistic beauty they never recognised before. It is also a meditation room, where they can enjoy the quietness and have an inner conversation with the clothes they are just wearing. Ultimately, it is a room for transformative experiences, in which visitors can be inspired to capture and curate the poetry running through their clothes, and seek autonomy to create the newness with them.”

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