Film by BA Design student selected for Venice Biennale

A film made by third year BA Design student Kate Mason was selected to be shown as part of the group exhibition “ALIVE in the UNIVERSE” in the 2019 Venice Biennale. Kate’s film was originally created for her viva and final year exhibition and it stars Harry Plomer, a performance artist from Goldsmiths; the version shown in the Venice Biennale will be cut down to one minute, as it will be shown alongside films of similar length from artists all around the world. (You can watch Kate’s full film on YouTube).

Kate is currently developing two more films; she describes her creation process thus: “The films themselves are about foraging and sharing narratives through foraged objects. I will find an object that someone has left out to give away or discard “urban foraging” style. Then, I will write about the object, the relationship I have with it and that it has with the world around it, and form theories as to why it is where it is, as a lot of the time these objects aren’t usually or naturally situated out on the street. From these observations of form, functionality, relations and context I can then begin to create a narrative for the object investigation style and create a piece of writing based on this.” Once the writing is done, Kate will design the costumes and props for the film, and find a performer to act in it; the music will be produced by Josh Wilde, also a Goldsmiths student.
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