2019 BA Design Degree Show: Aaron Panesar

This year’s Design Degree Show, “The Milk Has Turned Against Us”, opens to the public on 14 June at Copeland Park in Peckham. In the weeks leading to the show, we’re giving you a peek at the work that will be on display. Today, we’re highlighting the graduation project of Aaron Panesar:

“My studio project ‘Masculine Trajectories://’ utilises design-led action to intervene within the climate of masculinity, in contemporary society and culture. Through the development of a set of discursive measuring ‘tools’ designed to facilitate conversation, we can begin to form healthy dialogues surrounding our individual, and collective understandings of masculinity.

The tools are deployed through a series of engagements, focusing on three areas: Artefacts, Language and Empty Your Pockets. These engagements provoke participants to engage with the materials I have collected through first hand research and allow participants to draw on personal experiences.

The overarching aim of the project is to highlight the people, words and material items that occupy the grey spaces within society in regards to masculinity and femininity. Ultimately allowing for a new language to be formed through the engagements.”

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