Call for contributors: MA student looking for interdisciplinary design work from the Global South

MA Design Expanded Practice student Ghaith Hilal is working on an open source map of interdisciplinary* design projects from across the world, and needs your help to find work from the Global South**:

I believe that the best way to discover new and interesting design practices is through word of mouth, and personal conversations. Hence, I want to have conversations with as many of you as possible, (in person if you’re in London, over Skype, or via email).

I would love to hear about your work, all about designers and projects from the Global South. The information gathered will be used in producing an open-source map of design practices from around the world, something similar to the Pinhistory LGBT+ Map providing a tool for tutors, students, and practitioners. The map that will be built with your help, and will continue to grow with time and with our input and information.

*Interdisciplinary: using more than one discipline of Design/knowledge.

**Global South: A term denoting countries/communities that have historically been colonised, marginalized, and undermined, by countries of the Global North, resulting in poverty, inequality, and weak economies.

Get in touch with Ghaith via email, at

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