2019 MA Show “Confluence” preview: Ghaith Nassar

This year’s MA in Design: Expanded Practice degree show, “Confluence” will be open to the public on 13-16 December. As we approach the day of the exhibition opening, we’re giving you a preview of the diverse projects that will be on display. Today, we’re looking at the work of Ghaith Nassar:

Image of Ghaith Nassar's work

“In this project, I aim to show the version of the truth I know; naked, in your face, and uncensored. A version of the truth that does not care about middle class civility, a truth that is not scared to stare you in the eye challengingly, in all its nudity, screaming: What the fuck are you going to do about it?

To manifest this truth, I rewrite history, a history where Palestine is the colonizer, and Britain, the colonized. A history told through the story of one woman: Maryam Bint Hind al-Shamiyyeh, the Palestinian Explorer who discovered London in 1830, and set up the London Exploration fund.

Image of Ghaith Nassar's work


The London Exploration Fund cordially invites you to their exhibition: ‘200 years of Exploration, 200 years of Friendship: In the footsteps of Maryam Bint Hind Al-Shamiyyeh.’

The exhibition will celebrate 200 years since the greatest explorer of all times, Maryam bint Hind Al-Shamiyyeh discovered London and started exploring this urban wonder.

We will be showcasing some of her personal Items to be exhibited for the first time, courtesy of the Maryam Foundation, along with some of the original maps she produced.

Join us to honour one of the greatest women of all time, and to celebrate 200 years of Bilad Alsham and British friendship.

12th – 16th of December 2030

The London Exploration Fund,
8 Lewisham Way, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW”

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