Hey, look, something is happening! Madalena Gomes Ferreira

This year’s graduating Design students will present their outcomes online starting 22 June, under the title “Hey, look, something is happening!” Until then, the blog gives you a peek at the work that will be on display. Today, we’re highlighting Madalena Gomes Ferreira:

Project image for Madalena Gomes Ferreira

“I started to develop a line of “Suit Socks”, re-using & re-constructing suits and other elements of formalwear to make socks. Rather than become a fashion item, these socks act as a tool for breaking assumptions. They aim to make the user personally confront and question the assumptions they usually make regarding clothing and how these are imposed on us through unwritten dress codes created by society’s standards.”

For more samples of student work, follow “Hey, look, something is happening!” on Instagram and the BA Design Isolation channel on YouTube.

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