Hey, Look, Something is Happening

The Goldsmiths BA Design class of 2020 presents the curatorial statement for their work outcomes in this strange year:


within these walls, the world as we know it is stirring. We adjust to this new light, this new timezone: a new normal. A normal that is neither here nor there as contradicting temporalities rub against each other. One, the slow, jerky stop and start of our new every day; the other, the dizzying pace at which the world is changing. Our interventions ooze out of these temporal cracks as we pick up our environment curiously, turn it over in the palm of our hands and say hey, look, something is happening.


the world is seemingly at a stand still, but stare a little longer and these walls start to open up. In between buffering connections and can-you-see-me’s we enact our attempts to care for each other beyond our bedrooms. Filtering our relationships through new interfaces, cast across continents, a pixelated materiality of collaboration showing unfamiliar backdrops to familiar faces. We work against previous versions of ourselves, care-fully moulding and remoulding expectations of what can and should happen in time.


we design towards contentious futures; tomorrow, next week, 2050, wading through the thickness of the present /now. Our interventions attempt to keep up with the terrifying pace at which things are changing as we design for a future we know little about. Our actions materialise as in invitation to care.

Do you have a minute?”

Want to know more? The “Hey, Look, Something is Happening” podcast is now on Spotify; don’t forget to follow the Instagram account and the BA Design Isolation video channel, too.

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