BA Design Degree show 2021 wrap-up

The 2021 BA Design graduation show “My friend, oh! It’s been so long” has now finished, but there’s still time to catch up on anything you’ve missed!

You can find out more about all the students from the class of 2021 and their graduation work from the show website.

On the Youtube channel BAD:TV, catch up with live performances from the show week (28 June-1 July) and also watch videos and films that are part of the student projects.

The class of 2021 also ran a podcast series in which students answered questions about their work and their creative process in one minute; listen on Spotify.

There were no events or exhibitions open to the public this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. A display of installations was set up on campus in the third year studios, you can see more photos on our Facebook page.

The Design blog ran several interviews and articles on individual student projects before and during the show. Find them all via the tag My friend oh!it’s been so long:

Erin Button

Colombia Everett

Lucy Gaston

Elektra Thomson, Mathilda Taylor

Aarushi Mathiyani

Saundra Liemantoro

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