Younghee Lee on Think Rhino

2013 MA Design and Environment graduate Younghee Lee answered for the Design blog a few questions about her graduation project from Goldsmiths and her approach to design: 

How did you arrive at the idea of your graduation project Think Rhino?

Initially I was interested in animal rights, not in a traditional sense but more in terms of equality and the effects of modern society on both domesticated and wild animals. Whilst researching, I was shocked to discover the far reaching nature of the crisis and its multiple complexities. The Rhinoceros as a species is facing extinction, possibly within 20 years or less. Some cultures falsely believe Rhino horns to possess narcotic and/or psychoactive properties. This isn’t the case. Rhino horn is largely composed of keratin which is the same material as our hair and fingernails. Keratin has absolutely no active components – consuming Rhino horn is akin to biting your fingernails or eating hair.

think rhino 1

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Press coverage of Alex Duffner’s “Domestic Science Machines”

domestic science machines 1

Alex Duffner’s “Domestic Science Machines” were featured in Wired magazine in the January issue, but in case you’d missed it, it is also possible now to read the article online on the Wired UK website here. Alex is a 2013 graduate of our BA Design course, and “Domestic Science Machines” was his graduation project, a series of prototypes that combined household objects with scientific instruments. In addition to Wired, Alex’s project has also appeared on other websites these days, such as Homeli, PSFK and Trendhunter. 

The “Domestic Science Machines” project was featured on the Design blog while still in development, last year before the graduation show, and you can re-read the article here. 

Goldsmiths Design alumnus Evan Boehm shortlisted for IK Prize

Coder and director Evan Boehm, who is a graduate of our MA in Design: Critical Practice (and whose award-winning digital work has been featured on the blog in the past) is one of the nominees for Tate Britain’s IK Prize. Votes from the public will have a say in choosing the final winner, so go ahead and have a look at the shortlisted entries and then, of course, vote for Evan!

The purpose of the prize is to celebrate creative talent in the digital industry; it will be awarded to an innovative project that adds to people’s enjoyment of Tate Britain’s art collection. Evan’s submission is called “Through The Eyes of an 8-Year Old’ ; as it is obvious from its title, it is a proposal for an animated, interactive web experience that explores the museum through the eyes and imagination of a child. Voting closes at midnight on January 24th, and the winning entry will be announced on 6 February, and subsequently turned into reality for display at Tate Britain, with a budget of £60,000.

Design students at the presentation ceremonies

Monday was a happy day for Design students, as they finally got to relax and celebrate their achievements at the presentation ceremonies. After the ceremony, everyone gathered in the tents on the College Green to have a glass of champagne and, well, celebrate some more! We were there too and we got to see some familiar faces.

For example, Chang Hee Lee from the MA in Design: Critical Practice, whose work has been discussed on our blog quite a few times before, most recently concerning the success of „Essence in Space”, his project that transforms music into an olfactory experience…


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