Fashion Narratives 2021: Zhi-Ying Li

The Fashions & Embodiment studio of our MA in Design: Expanded Practice are currently exhibiting their work at the Goldsmiths Textile Collection & Constance Howard Gallery, in a show titled “Fashion Narratives”.

Zhi-Ying Li, one of the students involved in the project, gives us some insight into the process behind the work on display:

“[As part of the brief] we were given a list of objects from the Goldsmiths textile collection with description, and we read through the document to choose one object for individual research.

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Fashion Narratives 2021 exhibition

The Fashions & Embodiment studio of our MA in Design: Expanded Practice are currently showing their work in progress at the Goldsmiths Textile Collection & Constance Howard Gallery, in an exhibition titled “Fashion Narratives”.

The brief of the project required students to respond to the text-only description of an object from the Goldsmiths Textile Collection with their own research and outcomes. See the chosen objects below:

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Goldsmiths PGCE student and pupils win V&A Innovate National Schools Challenge

V&A Innovate is an annual National Schools Challenge targeted to pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9, designed to inspire and build young designers to be the innovators of tomorrow. In teams, students are provided with real life problems, and work collectively to come up with a final design solution. V&A Innovate provides a platform for students to experience real design project briefs and insight to working collectively in teams. This year, the theme was centered around Home and Community.

The Charter School North Dulwich won three trophies, including Overall Winner 2021 for their design ‘Scenty Mems’, a personalised scented jumper to help remember loved ones. The students explored solutions to grief and coping with loss and loneliness, in a year which has seen families around the world lose loved ones to Covid-19. Their idea, praised for originality and thoughtfulness around a sensitive and painful issue, was to create a heated jumper infused with the scent of a lost loved one, to wear at home to enable continued connection.

The Charter School North Dulwich also picked up two other awards. Teacher Jennifer Vargas (PGCE Design & Technology, Goldsmiths) was chosen NQT of the Year. In the Home Category, the North Dulwich team won for their Garden scenic conveyor belt, designed to encourage sharing of green spaces between homes and communities, bringing people and nature together. 

Read more about the competition and the winners on the V&A blog

Communication and Experience work-in-progress exhibition: MACHINE GURNING

It’s clear we’re malfunctioning. The love affair we’ve had with technology is well beyond the honeymoon period, and we’re stuck in a dreary relationship. While AI and machine learning were meant to take care of menial tasks and free us up for high functioning behaviours, we haven’t got a clear idea of what these new behaviours are. Instead of freeing us up for leisure, these technologies have been most successful in keeping invisible human labour invisible. Bummer. MACHINE GURNING is a work in progress exhibition by MA Design Expanded Practice- Communication & Experience students about the end of the party. Have a look at the online show website by April 25th!