Found in Translation: Goldsmiths MA Design Class of 2020

Found in Translation poster

In this time of isolation and silence we are coming together to be ‘Found in Translation’. 

Join Goldsmiths MA Design 2020 to translate this silence into noise. Whilst working in these unusual circumstances we are transforming our solo thoughts to create a multifaceted graduate design show, which explores personal thoughts and solutions sparked by our current situations.

We are connecting from all over the world through the universal language of dance. It’s not just about dancing, it’s about dancing like no one is watching and coming together as a collective. We want to generate the noise from our own homes, reflecting from when our journey started together a year ago. Placing ourselves in this temporary state of play in an uncertain time we aim to celebrate togetherness. This is an exhibition which will remind us that physical distance can’t stop our studio culture.

Cynthia Voza Lusilu explores community-based support for mental health

Cynthia Voza Lusilu (MA Design: Expanded Practice 2019) is one of the four young designers chosen by the Design Museum for their Designers in Residence programme to respond to this year’s theme of “Care”. The work she will be developing as part of the residency is a continuation of her MA project “Healing Chronicles”, which aimed to facilitate discussion around mental health support in Black British communities. 

Cynthia's Healing Chronicles toolkit at the 2019 MA Design Expanded Practice show: Confluence
Cynthia’s Healing Chronicles toolkit at the 2019 MA Design Expanded Practice show: Confluence

Cynthia was inspired to talk about mental health after her encounter with GARA (Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action) during their occupation of Deptford Town Hall in 2019, when students gathered to share their experiences as people of color: “My own experiences resonated with them and I felt like it was a way to validate them. The type of space that they managed to create is valuable and important, it allows people to talk about what they are going through on a collective level. Unfortunately, a lot of spaces and institutions are not designed to take into account the wellness of Black people, and the collective traumas that Black communities can go through because of systemic racism have a direct impact on their wellbeing. This is a problem of public concern.” Continue reading “Cynthia Voza Lusilu explores community-based support for mental health”

Hey, look, something is happening! Madalena Gomes Ferreira

This year’s graduating Design students will present their outcomes online starting 22 June, under the title “Hey, look, something is happening!” Until then, the blog gives you a peek at the work that will be on display. Today, we’re highlighting Madalena Gomes Ferreira:

Project image for Madalena Gomes Ferreira

“I started to develop a line of “Suit Socks”, re-using & re-constructing suits and other elements of formalwear to make socks. Rather than become a fashion item, these socks act as a tool for breaking assumptions. They aim to make the user personally confront and question the assumptions they usually make regarding clothing and how these are imposed on us through unwritten dress codes created by society’s standards.”

For more samples of student work, follow “Hey, look, something is happening!” on Instagram and the BA Design Isolation channel on YouTube.