The Domestic Science Machines of Alex Duffner

Contemporary scientific and technological advances make our lives easier in so many ways, that perhaps we are starting to take them for granted and fail to notice anymore how amazing they are. Every home appliance we have is, actually, a wonder of technology. Third year BA Design student Alex Duffner is hoping to bring scientific curiosity to the regular consumer with his graduation project, “Domestic Science Machines”, which combines home appliances with scientific instruments in order to facilitate home experiments. Continue reading “The Domestic Science Machines of Alex Duffner”

A Systemic Approach to Carbon Neutral Building

Last week, on Tuesday 7th May we were delighted to be joined by building physicist and Head of the Welsh School of Architecture, Professor Phil Jones, who talked to the students about a systemic approach to carbon neutral building. His presentation introduced principles for carbon neutral building and showcased a range of case studies from projects in Dubai, China, Switzerland and Wales. The Design Futures students responded to ideas in the talk by creating zero carbon future scenarios for our very own department of design Lockwood building in 2050. Continue reading “A Systemic Approach to Carbon Neutral Building”

Kaddie Rothe is a Nanodesigner

While experimenting with building objects from all kinds of different materials is a designer’s field, third year BA Design student Kaddie (Katharina) Rothe wanted to go even further: to build new materials altogether. Her project “I am a nanodesigner”, a collaboration with Dr Russell Binions from Queen Mary, University of London, aims to build a bridge between science and design and to provide a different perspective on the emerging and highly hyped field of nanotechnology (as you may already know if you went to their lecture at Goldsmiths last month.)


Continue reading “Kaddie Rothe is a Nanodesigner”

Restless Domesticity: MA students reimagine cooking

Innovative design can improve our daily lives in unexpected ways; a relevant glimpse into the many possibilities for change that the designers of tomorrow have in store for us was the „Restless Domesticity” project presented by Goldsmiths Design students to representatives from electronics giant LG. The brief asked MA and MRes students to reimagine the practices of cooking, cleaning and storage in a modern home while taking into consideration an European context. Continue reading “Restless Domesticity: MA students reimagine cooking”