MA Interaction Design show- Cristina Munoz: “Botanic Gene”

It’s time to get into the details of another graduation project from the MA Interaction Design show: “Botanic Gene” by Cristina Munoz.


What is your project about, in a nutshell?

I created a service where the DNA of a person or an animal is inserted into a plant. Here is how it works: you order a plant online, then you spit in the kit you receive and you send it back to the lab; the lab puts your DNA in a gun and send a cell culture of the plant you chose. As soon the package arrives to your house, you are able to shoot the DNA into the plant. Mainly, the service wants to engage people with science at home. The idea is to create different scenarios that reflect on how science is capable of influencing our everyday lives. there is a lot currently happening with life-hacking and the Do-It-Yourself movement, and that is totally fine, it needs to happen, but we need to question what we are bringing into our lives. Just by bringing something like this into the mundane, the idea is to imagine a future that is not dystopian, just a possibility of how things can be. Continue reading “MA Interaction Design show- Cristina Munoz: “Botanic Gene””

MA Interaction Design show- Simon Rycroft: “Personal Observation Satellite”

The MA Interaction Design graduates had their final exhibition last week, and the ideas on display were very innovative and thoughtful; you can see images from the show on our Facebook page here.

We’ve also managed to interview some of the graduating students on their work, and we will post these interviews in separate articles. Today, we’re talking to Simon Rycroft, whose project at the show was called “Personal Observation Satellite”. Simon developed a miniaturised satellite tailored to the purposes of a sole user, Juliette, a GP from Croydon:

IMG_1298 Continue reading “MA Interaction Design show- Simon Rycroft: “Personal Observation Satellite””