MA Interaction Design show: Anuradha Reddy- “Algo News”

The last of our interviews from the MA in Interaction Design show features Anuradha Reddy, who was previously featured on the blog with her work for the “NOT THIS” MA show in September. At the MA Interaction Design graduation show, Anuradha exhibited the project “Algo News”:


My project is about how machines can process and understand data in various ways and develop multiple interpretations of it. It explores one particular type of data: news media. The news content is mistranslated by an algorithm, and each news item is converted into about 10 different news stories based on the original story.
For example, if the original news story says: “I’m extremely sorry”, the tenth mistranslation may be “I’m extremely happy”. It seems like the machines may have some sort of thought- it makes you think about what they actually understand from your data, and it starts opening conversations about machine learning. Continue reading “MA Interaction Design show: Anuradha Reddy- “Algo News””

MA Interaction Design show: Eric Schneider- “Sustainable practices and 3D printing”

Today we feature another project from the MA Interaction Design show: “Sustainable Practices and 3D Printing”, by Eric Schneider, who proposes turning plastic waste into filament for 3D printers:


My project is about supporting sustainability in a homeless community in Austin, Texas, and re-establishing the realities around 3D printing- seeing it not as replication, but as creating connections and allowing scavenging and recycling. The community I engage with is very much into sustainability, they mow the lawn with rabbits, which fertilise the lawn with their droppings, and when they are done with the rabbits, they kill them and eat them. They have a garden where they grow luffa plants which they open up, dry and use as a sponge to bathe. So I took this idea of sustainability within the community, and then I created a process where plastic waste has been ground down, melted and extruded, using workout machines to grind down the plastics. It creates a full circle sustainable system where plastic is consumed and then re-used within the community. I envisioned two products that they could potentially make in this way: one was a water collection system, where the connections between the pipes are 3D printed, so pipes that wouldn’t normally fit, do fit now. The other one was the base of a shoe. Continue reading “MA Interaction Design show: Eric Schneider- “Sustainable practices and 3D printing””

MA Interaction Design show- Cameron Poole: “Hello Lesbian”

It’s time for another of our interviews from the MA Interaction Design graduation show! Today we talk with Cameron Grace Poole about her project “Hello Lesbian”:


My project is a design research project about lesbians in online dating. I had an interest in feminism, which explores marginal perspectives in technologies; there hasn’t been a lot of work done in the field on this topic, and I thought dating technology would be interesting, because so many people use it these days. So that’s how it started; my display is a live research wall, so it’s still very much a research project, and my outcomes aren’t really concrete designs, but rather proposals for possible dating technologies that are different from what exists today. Continue reading “MA Interaction Design show- Cameron Poole: “Hello Lesbian””

MA Interaction Design show- “Graphene Can…”

Today we hear about another one of the projects from the MA Interaction Design show of last week. “Graphene Can…” was developed by Samantha Miller and Jon Flint. We managed to catch Jon at the show and talk to him:


This project looks at future implications of Graphene. We started by talking to scientists and visiting laboratories where they are currently using the material. Then we decided to talk to different members of society that have some relation to materials, whether they’re intangible materials or materials they work with. We’ve interviewed about 12 different people, from tattoo artists to Meccano enthusiasts, and we’ve asked them what they would use this material for, given its properties. Continue reading “MA Interaction Design show- “Graphene Can…””