MA Design Education graduate to exhibit work in Stuttgart

Rahel Zoller, who is a graduate of our MA in Design Education, will exhibit work in Stuttgart from the 7th to the 14th of December:


“Between Pages-The Book in Dialogue

Project Space LOTTE, Stuttgart ,Germany
Opening: December 6, 2014, 19:00 pm
Exhibition: 7th-13th December 2014. Please see website for opening times

The book is one of the most important tools in our society. In its dual role as information provider and object, it has been shaping our world for centuries. In the exhibition “Between Pages – The book in Dialogue” the question is asked, how is the individual using the book today and what does it mean to oneself? Rahel Zoller discussed 7 prospects in 7 days.

The project is based on philosophical and psychological approaches of recognition and comprehension. This opens up more questions like: Is a library still relevant? How do I perceive the sensuality of book pages? And how is our perception of books changing? The questions are object- and pictorially implemented and thus formulated aesthetically.”

Rahel at the graduation show


Rahel currently works in London as a book designer and bookbinder. In September, we interviewed her at “NOT THIS”, the 2014 Postgraduate show for Goldsmiths Design. Here is how she described her design practice:

“The state of the codex book in contemporary society is a current theme in my work, and I am thoroughly interested in new innovations happening within publishing. I believe now, in this digital age, the book is shifting from an inevitable cultural experience to a specialized one.
Despite using a variety of different materials and processes, I feel that in each of my projects my concept is consistent. I am interested in the book as an object and our physical approach to it. Furthermore, whilst I continue to research, develop and produce my own work, I am always finding new subject areas that interest me; it is these influences that inspire and lead me to new projects.”

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