Goldsmiths Design graduate program: Sayoko Shibuya

Today’s interviewee is Sayoko Shibuya, 2013 graduate of our MA in Design: Critical Practice.


What kind of designer are you?

Furniture, Product, sometimes interior.

What kind of work have you designed during this program period?

I am rather producing what I designed to start selling. However, I have recently started thinking and experimenting with wood plates for a food event, which a graduate from other course at Goldsmiths is trying to organise. She might advertise my works.

What is your general opinion of this pilot program?

It is amazing for me.

Which piece of equipment or facility have you been using the most?

I mainly work with wood machinery. I also used CNC. Might use the laser cutter soon.

Would you apply again?


Would you recommend the program to other graduates?

I would. I personally think this program would be great to develop ideas and experiment. However, if they work as full timers, it would be very difficult, but if they want to try some projects for future or business opportunity to start with, it would work very well.

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