Goldsmiths Design graduate program: Jon Flint

Today’s interviewee, Jon Flint, graduated from the MA in Interaction Design last December.

What kind of designer are you?

I guess I would be a product and interaction designer.


What kind of work have you designed during this program period?

I have been working on stuff around quadcopters and integrating circuits onto more tangible surfaces and forms.

What is your general opinion of this pilot program?

I really like the idea of the pilot and hope it becomes live very soon. It has been well organised and I haven’t really noticed a transition from student to graduate designer, it has been a painless process.

Which piece of equipment or facility have you been using the most?

Unfortunately I might have hogged the laser cutter quite a bit. But have also made use of the new model making room.

Would you apply again?

Yes of course I would.

Would you recommend the program to other graduates?

Highly recommended-  at first I thought it would be great to make stuff in the workshop. But having access to the full library facilities and maintaining a connection with the current students, tutors and technicians makes it even better, you don’t feel as though you are intruding but part of the design department again.


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