Goldsmiths Design graduate program: Candyce Dryburgh

Our last interview concerning the Goldsmiths Design graduate program is with 2013 BA Design graduate Candyce Dryburgh. 

What kind of designer are you?

Most of my work is centred around speculative and critical design which enables the public to discuss and question our current lifestyles as well as how it could be in the future. I am also interested in how future materials, craft and digital technology are important in our advancement.


What kind of work have you designed during this program period?

I am currently working on a material research and exploration around bone china and how materials can inform the use of particular objects.

What is your general opinion of this pilot program?

It has been great to have the opportunity to be part of this, having contact with other graduates and the support of the workshop staff as well as having use of the equipment for such a small fee. I don’t think I would’ve had the chance to peruse this self-initiated project if I hadn’t have been part of this scheme.

Which piece of equipment or facility have you been using the most?

The kiln.

Would you apply again?

Yes, it’s been interesting to be part of the beginning of something that I think will offer many graduates the space and time to develop further ideas or enable them the use of a workshop in an environment they are familiar with.

Would you recommend the program to other graduates?


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