MA in Design and Innovation student work showcase (II)

Student: Taegyun Lee

Project Title:  Environmental Transformation Design DE-DESERTIFICATION


Taegyun Lee developed an innovation project from his own interests in eco-materials and product development. He used bio-mimicry of ancient desert plants to attempt reintroducing self watering seed propagators to allow plants to be introduced back into areas that have become deserts. Taegyun undertook extensive research into bio-materials, in particular bio-resins that convert into plant food.  Partnering with a Botanist he developed a staged planting process to enable the transformation of the desert. The image shows how the heat from the sun and moisture transforming the object and protecting the young plant.

Student Background: Product Designer.

Won a Venture competition to develop his product work.

Student: Inboem Lee

Project Title:  Service Design for Fashion Retail

inbeom lee ai

Inboem’s project explored new media technologies in the fashion retail environment. His project proposed and prototyped animation projections onto clothes within the retail space to encourge customers to explore and experiment with identity through clothing. He also constructed an customer generated dynamic catalogue of products built on live social media within the shop. His work developed an approach to integrating the consumer as media producer within this constantly changing fashion retail environment.

Student Background: Creative Media. Currently a Service Designer

Student: Satish Bauhoo

Project Title:  Building Knowledge Capital in Professional Creative Studios


Satish worked closely with Innovare, a creative retail design studio, to explore how organisations could develop better ways of learning, understanding, and innovating by making more use of their own knowledge capital. Satish built a programme of workshops and tools to facilitate the development of ‘Knowledge Capital’ skills with in this creative studio. His aim was to build his own professional services and  apply his work to other companies and sectors.

Student Background: Marketing. Currently director of his own company in knowledge capital development

Student: Pierre Chanquion

Project Title:  Electric Ride-on Vehicles – Computer Vision Analysis


Pierre worked with an electric vehicle manufacturer to explore the development of both the connected products, and the service tools, that would allow sales customisation, networked maintenance, and servicing of a fleet of electric vehicles. Pierre’s project developed his skills as a technologist, running workshops and guiding non technical staff into the real possibilities of technology to move electric vehicles into new domains. Pierre is very interested in the management of research and development and also has designed software tools to aid this process.

Student Background: Computer Scientist. Currently a Technologist in Innovation, Research and Development

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