The Design department said goodbye to the class of 2015 with drinks and awards

‘Unknowing Movements’ by Marisa Wasboonma, at ‘xvshow’

On Friday, some of this year’s graduating class of students returned to the Design department to get together with Goldsmiths Design staff again and celebrate the end (and the beginning) of a new stage in their lives. There were drinks and snacks to be enjoyed, as well as a few awards to be given to the former students, and everyone was in a good mood.

John Backwell opened the small award ceremony by praising Alexa Muench from the BEng/MEng programme. Rose Sinclair awarded prizes to two BA DCL graduates, Keir Middleton and Wee-Min Chin (a.k.a. Kevin). She remarked that Keir’s development on the course was impressive, and that Kevin was a true team player who would never hesitate to put his own work aside in order to provide help and advice to a colleague. The leader of the BA Design course, Matt Ward, chose to give special awards to Danny Nasr (for risk-taking), Will Gubbins (for ‘blind faith in process’), and Marisa Wasboonma (for ‘distance travelled’ in her time on the course).

But really, everyone from the class of 2015 is worthy of praise for making it to the end and putting in hard work for their degree. We hope to hear excellent news of their further career not far into the future!


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