‘xvshow’ interviews: Leon Eckert, ‘Human Algorithm’

Leon Eckert explaining the ideas and workings of his graduation project ‘Human Algorithm’ at xvshow, this year’s Undergraduate Degree exhibition for Goldsmiths Design:

This is what Leon had to say on his experience as a Goldsmiths Design student:

“What I found amazing was how easy it was to find people that would collaborate [on the final year project]. My background is not computer science, nor is it dance, but I had ideas combining these two [disciplines], and it was incredibly easy to find people at Goldsmiths that would help me with understanding, using and programming genetic algorithms. At the same time, I worked with six different dancers,which I found at Goldsmiths or through Goldsmiths, to understand how dancers work, improvise and develop movements, and apply this to their performance. It was amazing, and I think it represented the philosophy of the [Design] course at Goldsmiths. My outcome should never be limited by the skills I have. I do not want to think of ideas only within graphic or product design, I want to be able to have ideas on dance and computer science and put them into practice with exactly these disciplines. That’s what Goldsmiths taught me, made possible for me and made me believe in.”

Leon will continue his studies with a Masters programme in New York. You can find even more information on his graduation project on the Genetic Dance Algorithm website.

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