MA ID 02: the 2015 Interaction Design show

Last week, students graduating from the MA in Interaction Design exhibited their final projects in the St James Church at Hatcham, New Cross. We’ve already featured a few of these projects on the blog; if you haven’t yet, read our interviews with Karen Barrett, Tom Hoare and Shih-Yuan Huang.

Naho Matsuda’s project focuses on the hidden, dark thoughts and revenge fantasies that most of us indulge in sometimes. Naho collected stories of such fantasies of murder and revenge and then asked some professionals from other fields to make sense of them: a crime investigation specialist, a private detective, a poet, a designer…

Marcin Przybyla imagined a future scenario in which therapy could be automated and provided by sophisticated devices installed in our own home. His speculative prototype embeds the robot therapist into a comfortable rug.

These tote bags designed by Cong Ye are illustrated with stories of the cruelty perpetrated on animals to produce the meat dishes we eat. Knowing how our food is made might lead us towards more ethical choices.

Ashling Smith addresses an issue not often talked about in the modern civilised world: our posture when sitting on civilised modern toilets is linked to health issues. The solution? Raising your feet- on tall shoes, in this case.

You can find more photos of these projects and others on our Facebook page.

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