“Known Unknowns” interviews: Matthew Edgson

We conclude our coverage of the 2016 BA Design show “Known Unknowns” with Matthew Edgson’s work “Building the Cinematic”, which reframes buildings as filmmaking resources:

What is your graduation project about, in a nutshell?

My project is all about defining a form of architecturally-dependent cinema, so on-camera and off-camera I’ve used architecture as a cinematic driver to make films, and I’ve done this through a series of rigs, a series of protocols, a manifesto, and, obviously, a series of films. And it brings into question some of the regulations around filming in the City of London, and the position of architecture on film.

The way this functions is through small objects, rigs that I’ve made; these objects run across architectural paths, no filming takes place on tripods at all, it will take place on these objects which run along architectural paths, and then they allow the architecture to come with a perspective, what you see from the film is basically defined by architecture completely in terms of the visual framing, the audio components and the narrative components of that film.

What did you think of your time on the BA Design course at Goldsmiths?

It’s been a lot of fun, actually, I think the Goldsmiths course has been the most fun I’ve had on any kind of design course. I used to take myself quite seriously as a designer, but when I came onto this course, it basically taught me to have a lot of fun with the way I design things, the way I make things, and I’ve learned to also move out- I know it’s a bit of a cliche- but move out of my comfort zone a lot more. […]

It’s been a lot of fun, and the teaching here is just great, it’s been really refreshing to have mentors that are as excited and as positive about the project that you’re working on as you are, and as determined to push stuff forward. So basically to be in the same way that I have been, and other people on the course have been.

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