2018 BA Design show MOD: “Space and the Feminine Body” by Devon Alex Greene

The 2018 BA Design show MOD is almost here! Here is another sample of the student projects that will be on display, with “Space and the Feminine Body” by Devon Alex Greene:

“The aim of my project is to reclaim the everyday physical spaces where women’s bodies have been restricted, in situations where the right to personal, physical and public space has been taken away. I have created tools to help women in these everyday situations. My aim is to encourage women to use their bodies to feel and be powerful through body language and stance, rebelling against the learned behavior that forces women to contort themselves to be smaller beings, or forces them out of public space when their bodies are commented on. The outcomes include:

  • ‘The scum guard’ is a tool for women to use when riding their bikes, inspired by a story of a woman who was harassed on her bike.
  • An inflatable bag aimed to reclaim space for women.”

See more work from the show on the MOD Instagram account. The show will be open to the public 8-10 June at Unit 8 Copeland Park in Peckham. The Press and Industry private view takes place on the evening of 7 June.

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