Design students talk about the process of creating this year’s Goldsmiths Prize trophy

As in previous years, the trophy for the 2018 Goldsmiths Prize for fiction was designed and made by Goldsmiths Design students. This year’s designers Maja Nordblom and Samuel Warren describe the process of creating the trophy:

“After being commissioned to design and make the trophy for the 2018 Goldsmiths Prize, we began discussing and drawing out possible designs. We realised quite quickly what materials and compositions we could utilise in order for our trophy to stand out and most importantly be unique from previous years. Therefore, we decided to focus on casting, incorporating a metal structure and weight to the trophy. We wanted the final object to not include a base, rather making it unique as a free standing sculptural object. We realised the incorporation of metal dusts into the casting process gave the piece enough weight and stability alone. The form of the object is the official logo of the literary prize, which before this year had only been incorporated as a smaller part of the trophy itself.

Considering the short time scale we had available to produce the trophy this year, we were both extremely happy with the outcome we created. It was a huge learning curve for us in relation to meeting the client’s needs whilst also trying to be both progressive and honest with the work we make. Moreover, we had a great time making this trophy and are very thankful for the opportunity that was offered to us.”

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