BA Design Degree Show 2021: Aarushi Matiyani, “Stitched Sedition”

This year’s graduating Design students are presenting their outcomes this week, under the title “My Friend, Oh! It’s Been So Long.” The blog continues to give you a peek at the work being showcased. Today, Aarushi Matiyani:

“Stitched Sedition acts as a growing archive on textile, recording district-wide network shutdowns in India. It’s a method of protest that raises awareness about the serious implications of internet shutdowns through performing embroidery in public spaces. The word sedition holds a loaded political context in India, with a draconian era law that has put journalists, young activists and artists behind bars for being critical of the government. 

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BA Design Degree Show 2021: Elektra and Mathilda in conversation

In advance of this year’s BA Design degree show, which starts on 28 June under the title “My Friend, Oh! It’s Been So Long.”, hear Elektra Thomson and Mathilda Taylor interviewing each other about their graduation projects, inspiration and how they coped with life and studies during a pandemic:

Screenshots from Elektra’s work:

Images from Mathilda’s work:

Fashion Narratives 2021: Zhi-Ying Li

The Fashions & Embodiment studio of our MA in Design: Expanded Practice are currently exhibiting their work at the Goldsmiths Textile Collection & Constance Howard Gallery, in a show titled “Fashion Narratives”.

Zhi-Ying Li, one of the students involved in the project, gives us some insight into the process behind the work on display:

“[As part of the brief] we were given a list of objects from the Goldsmiths textile collection with description, and we read through the document to choose one object for individual research.

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Alumna Bethany Rigby at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

“Mining the Skies” is an installation by Bethany Rigby (Goldsmiths BA Design 2017) for the 17th International Architecture Exhibition titled “How Will We Live Together?”, curated by Hashim Sarkis.

Situated in the Central Pavilion at the Giardini, the installation is a place of contemplation on the future of extra terrestrial resources. The installation comprises of three amorphous mirrored panels and an arrangement of geological specimens. Each geological specimen relates to current research into extra terrestrial mining, and includes geological simulants from the European Space Agency, metallic meteorites and personal specimens of asteroid mining entrepreneurs and planetary geologists. Etched onto their mirrored panels are morse-code extracts of the Outer Space Treaty, Moon Agreement and US Space Act that relate to the ownership of extra terrestrial resources.

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