Live broadcast from Lesvos: Design Unlikely Futures/ The System of Systems

When: Thursday, 21 September, 3:30 pm

Where: Curzon Cinema, Goldsmiths

Autonomous Broadcast Bike, The System of Systems & Conversation

An ongoing collaborative, trans-disciplinary research project that is concerned with designing devices and inventive methods to learn about people’s lived experiences of migration in the wake of disasters. We work under the collective name of DUF (design unlikely futures), across the disciplines of design, ethnography and experimental film-making.

The System of Systems aims to open up vital conversations about the legal framework of seeking asylum in Europe. We gather research by collaborating with academics, activists and practitioners to interrogate questions of language, the body and biometrics, agency and infrastructure, within the overlapping bureaucratic systems. In doing so, we hope to provide an alternative viewpoint on the subject and provide the space to consider possibilities, through exhibitions, events and publications.

Talks, performances, exhibitions: The 2017 Goldsmiths Design Festival

In addition to this year’s MA Show, the Goldsmiths Design Festival will host a variety of other Design events involving staff, students and leading design practitioners. You can find out what’s on from our programme on the festival website. Here are a few highlights:


Get ready for the 2017 Goldsmiths Design Festival!

The Goldsmiths Design Festival is back for its third edition! Once again, the event will be part of the London Design Festival. On 14-17 September, we’ll be hosting the 2017 Postgraduate show, talks on Design from eminent designers, workshops and performances, and a showcase of design projects from our wider design community. More news will be coming soon, so stay tuned. Watch a promo shot and edited by Eve Smadar Zohar to find out more about the work that will be on display in the MA Show:

Design Summer School for students of Miriam College, Philippines

On 19-24 June, Liboni Munnings (Technical Tutor at Goldsmiths Design) and Hefin Jones (Associate Lecturer) ran a Design summer school for a small group of students from Miriam College in the Philippines.

The aim of the summer school was to introduce high school students to a diverse set of skills and practices that can be used across art and design study. Over a week, the students were exposed to a diversity of design ideas and specialisms, through practical workshops, visits and lectures, and they were engaged in a wide range of creative methods and processes.

The workshops acted to stimulate discussions about the role and function of design as a social, cultural, economic and environmental practice.