Hey, look, something is happening! Luke Radcliffe-Moore

This year’s graduating Design students will present their outcomes online starting 22 June, under the title “Hey, look, something is happening!” Until then, the blog gives you a peek at the work that will be on display. Today, we’re highlighting Luke Radcliffe-Moore:

Luke Radcliffe-Moore student work image

“Biophiliation is a philosophy and process that reimagines objects and spaces through the lens of the planet, applying natural methodologies and forms to create design interventions that take inspiration from, collaborate with, and build upon the blueprint of the natural world. Within this project I introduce a new kind of restorative environment, one that actively engages with the planet and the immediate population while employing natural remedies and uses of plant life to recover and improve personal wellbeing and mental health. My proposition consists of a sensory garden housed by a hyperbolic roof that shifts with the natural route of the sun through the day, allowing sunlight into appropriate areas of the garden, promoting plant growth and mimicking the natural rhythms of the planet.”

For more samples of student work, follow “Hey, look, something is happening!” on Instagram and the BA Design Isolation channel on YouTube.

Hey, listen, something is happening! How BA Design students started a radio show

Logo of the podcast with text: Hey, listen, something is happening
The podcast logo, designed by Marta Company, Yena Kim and Luke Radcliffe-Moore

Our final year BA Design students are running a podcast to promote this year’s graduation showcase, but also to fill in the gaps that an online degree show can’t fill, giving a voice to as many of this year’s class as possible. Jack Lowerson and Stan Bidston-Casey, who initiated the project as podcast producers alongside their classmate Emily Blake, talked about the thinking behind its development:

On how the podcast started and why:

“We had the idea for a radio show early in the third year. There aren’t many ways in which process is recorded at Goldsmiths Design, people outside the department are only exposed to finished products; other departments can’t engage with what the students do here. Even though there is a lot of emphasis on experimentation, testing and process in the department, nobody gets to see it, or to hear the very particular dialogues about work happening in the design studios, they get lost. So we wanted the podcast to showcase that. Continue reading “Hey, listen, something is happening! How BA Design students started a radio show”

Third year students document their work on YouTube

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Goldsmiths campus is now closed and everyone in the Design department is working remotely. This means that the graduating BA Design class of 2020 are facing the challenge of adapting their projects to the current situation.

How are third year BA Design students getting by in isolation? What are they working on, and how are they dealing with the limitations imposed by quarantine on their work? Our brilliant students have become vloggers to document this process; follow them on their collaborative YouTube channel, BAD Isolation.