The BA Design Final Year podcast: My Friend Oh! It’s Been So Long

This year, the graduating BA Design class is running a podcast series in which students individually answer a question in one minute, offering insight into the wide range of projects. Questions answered include:

  • What was the catalyst for your project?
  • What does your creative process look like?
  • What materials and medium are you working with?
  • What would be a positive and negative of working within lockdown?

Listen to all the episodes on Spotify.

BA Design show 2021: My Friend, Oh! It’s Been So Long.

“Or maybe this invitation has been a long time coming. We write to you –inquisitively, bathed in the last moments of sun lingering on the windowsill. The days stretch as we continue to create within the confines of our bedrooms, kitchens, and back gardens. We have come to realise that the most compelling work happens in moments of in-between, the liminal spaces: where plurality lies within the unknown. We have begun to accept the discomfort of designing in this state of being.  

But how are you? Tell me everything.

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The launch of ‘Hey, look, something is happening!’

Hey, Look, Something is Happening! banner

Goldsmiths BA Design Class of 2020 are excited to invite you to the launch week of Hey, Look, Something is Happening, which begins on Monday 22nd June.

You can check out their podcast Hey, Listen, Something is Happening here.

The website will go live on Wednesday 24th June.  In the meantime, and in the future, you can keep up with student projects via instagram @heylooksomethingishappening

Three live events are taking place over the course of next week, details and links below:

Readings –  Thursday 25th June 8.30 pm BST  

Screenings – Friday 26th June 8.00 pm BST 

Happenings – Saturday 27th June 1pm BST 

Read the curatorial statement of “Hey, look, something is happening” on the blog.