Tree Hub: Elevated Conversations on Design

Last month, during the London Design Festival, design was everywhere- even in a tree house three meters high. Second year BA Design student Belen Palacios had an idea: to take conversations on design in a different space altogether. With support from a group of fellow students, sponsors and many other people who believed in her project, Belen set things in motion, and after a long process of gathering funds, planning, designing and building, Tree Hub became reality and between 12 – 22 September hosted talks on a varied number of current issues, all limited to an exclusive maximum audience of ten. Here’s an interview with Belen in the pavilion on the day before the first talk, when bits and pieces were still being cut and hammered into place. Continue reading “Tree Hub: Elevated Conversations on Design”

Raising awareness on introversion, one garment at a time

The garments for introverts made by Lilian Hipolyte Mushi (BA Design 2013) have proven quite eye catching at this year’s Undergraduate Show “This is War”, where I’ve seen many people taking photos of her Proxemics Protector- a dress that sprouts wooden wings if you get too close to it. Since then, her work has been popping up on design blogs. Here’s what Lilian had to say about introversion and her project.

Temperment Monitor_sml

Continue reading “Raising awareness on introversion, one garment at a time”

When lamp posts talk

At the beginning of this year, we found out (and let you know too) that PAN Studio, an experience design practice run by Goldsmiths BA Design graduates Sam Hill and Ben Barker, had won the first Playable City Award for their project „Hello Lamp Post”. Arts venue Watershed in Bristol picked PAN’s entry out of 93 participants who pitched innovative ways of using technology to create playful public spaces. Well, the winning project is finally being implemented, so for eight weeks starting from the 15th of July, people around Bristol will be able to awaken street objects such as lamp posts and post boxes and chat to them via SMS. If you have a look at their website, you’ll be able to get an idea of the conversations that are happening around town.

Here’s a chat with PAN’s Ben Barker about Hello Lamp Post as well as other things. Continue reading “When lamp posts talk”

The Domestic Science Machines of Alex Duffner

Contemporary scientific and technological advances make our lives easier in so many ways, that perhaps we are starting to take them for granted and fail to notice anymore how amazing they are. Every home appliance we have is, actually, a wonder of technology. Third year BA Design student Alex Duffner is hoping to bring scientific curiosity to the regular consumer with his graduation project, “Domestic Science Machines”, which combines home appliances with scientific instruments in order to facilitate home experiments. Continue reading “The Domestic Science Machines of Alex Duffner”