Goldsmiths Design Festival wrap-up

We’ve already talked about some of the highlights from our Goldsmiths Design Festival (3-9 September), but the festival weekend was full of great events from which it was hard to pick where to go first.


One of the most exciting events taking place was the Draw to Perform symposium, curated by artist Ram Samocha, which brought to Goldsmiths a line-up of daring, unique performance art sessions involving, amongst other things, a glue gun, milk and nudity.Read More »

Drone workshop with Jon Flint at Goldsmiths Design Festival

As part of our first ever Goldsmiths Design Festival (3-9 September 2015), our students had the chance to learn how to build a drone themselves, and we had just the right person to guide them. Jon Flint, who led the Drone workshop, is a graduate of our MA in Interaction Design and he currently works with Superflux, of Drone Aviary fame.

The participating students spent the day learning the principles of drone flight and then built their own prototypes under Jon’s supervision. At the end of the workshop, it was time to test the results! It was a sunny, bright evening which allowed the workshop team to take their creations outside on the College Green and see them take flight.

More photos from the workshop can be found on our Facebook page.

Jimmy Loizeau’s ‘The Illegal Town Plan: Rhyl’ at Goldsmiths Design Festival


How do you go about reviving a seaside town whose principal economy has slowly disappeared along with its tourists? This is the question asked by Jimmy Loizeau’s project “The Illegal Town Plan: Rhyl”, a work-in-progress exhibition showing the early stages of the project at this month’s Goldsmiths Design Festival.

Designer Jimmy Loizeau, Lecturer on the BA Design programme (from Rhyl), witnessed the steady decline of this small seaside town in North Wales: “Over the past twenty years or more it has lost its tourist industry. All attempts to lure people back have failed.”

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MA.DE GOLD Postgraduate Show at Goldsmiths Design Festival

This year, the MA graduation shows took place as part of the first Goldsmiths Design Festival, between 3 and 9 September. The postgraduate shows were called MA.DE GOLD and displayed the work of students from courses in Critical Practice, Design and Environment, Design Futures and Metadesign, Interaction Design, Fashion, Design Education, as well as the Design pathway of the MA in Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship.

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