The 2015 MA Interaction Design show is almost here!

MAID 2015 poster

Save the dates for the 2015 MA Interaction Design show: 1-4 December, in the St. James Hatcham Church, New Cross, SE14 6AD. Are you ready to see the projects that MAID students have been working on?

The exhibition’s Private View will take place starting 6 pm on December 1st; the show will stay open from 10 am to 6 pm in the following three days. You can find a list of this year’s class on the MAID blog.

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MA-ID-02 graduation show preview: Tom Hoare investigates a future without bees

Tom Hoare honeymaking project

You may have heard that honeybees are in trouble and dying out at an alarming rate. But have you thought about what our world would look like if they were to disappear altogether? This is the (very real) possibility that MA Interaction Design student Tom Hoare is exploring in his graduation project, which you’ll be able to see at the upcoming MAID final show (1-4 December 2015). Continue reading “MA-ID-02 graduation show preview: Tom Hoare investigates a future without bees”

MA-ID-02 graduation show preview: Karen Barrett argues for misery as a vital part of human experience

This year’s MA Interaction Design graduation show (1-4 December) is getting closer and closer, and we’re here to whet your appetite for it by offering a sneak peek at some of the student projects to be exhibited!

Today, we’re talking to Karen Barrett, whose work offers a twist on the dominant neoliberal perspective of our current times, which urges us to pursue constant happiness at all cost. “Instead I propose that misery and suffering are inevitable in the human experience and therefore should be embraced rather than shunned. My project seeks to develop alternative emotional narratives that allow for acceptance and celebration of misery”, Karen says.


How did you get the idea and what were the challenges in developing it? Continue reading “MA-ID-02 graduation show preview: Karen Barrett argues for misery as a vital part of human experience”

Coming soon: the 2015 MA Interaction Design graduation show

Work by Simon Rycroft at the 2014 MAID graduation show

Since the MA in Interaction Design course is slightly lengthier than the other MAs, graduates will have the spotlight all to themselves as their 2015 graduation show, for the MAID programme only, will take place on 1-4 December in the St James’s Church building at Hatcham, New Cross. Stay tuned for more information on this year’s exciting exhibition!

(And while you’re getting ready for the 2015 show, perhaps it would be a good moment to re-read our coverage of last year’s event.)