MA ID 02: the 2015 Interaction Design show

Last week, students graduating from the MA in Interaction Design exhibited their final projects in the St James Church at Hatcham, New Cross. We’ve already featured a few of these projects on the blog; if you haven’t yet, read our interviews with Karen Barrett, Tom Hoare and Shih-Yuan Huang.

Naho Matsuda’s project focuses on the hidden, dark thoughts and revenge fantasies that most of us indulge in sometimes. Naho collected stories of such fantasies of murder and revenge and then asked some professionals from other fields to make sense of them: a crime investigation specialist, a private detective, a poet, a designer…Read More »

MA-ID-02 preview: with Shih-Yuan Huang’s Transritual Tools for the Afterlife, death is only the beginning

Shih-Yuan Huang graduation project
Photo by Xie Pei Ying

Death is understandably a topic that most of us would rather not think about or discuss, but it is also an inescapable part of human experience. Different cultures use varied approaches to help us cope with grief and our fear of death; the graduation project of MA Interaction Design student Shih-Yuan Huang combines resources from several religions and beliefs in a new approach to afterlife practices.

Yuan was led towards this subject by her own experiences; two years ago, she lost a loved one to cancer: “I experienced all the funeral processes, and before this he was in pain and went through a very hard period. My family is Taoist Buddhist, so I wanted to bring Taoist Buddhist culture into western funeral systems. I’d been thinking about doing that for a long time, but it never happened because it was really tough for me to face it, but now the time has come to think about it”.Read More »

The 2015 MA Interaction Design show is almost here!

MAID 2015 poster

Save the dates for the 2015 MA Interaction Design show: 1-4 December, in the St. James Hatcham Church, New Cross, SE14 6AD. Are you ready to see the projects that MAID students have been working on?

The exhibition’s Private View will take place starting 6 pm on December 1st; the show will stay open from 10 am to 6 pm in the following three days. You can find a list of this year’s class on the MAID blog.

Don’t forget to follow our coverage of the MAID show on the Design blog, too.

MA-ID-02 graduation show preview: Tom Hoare investigates a future without bees

Tom Hoare honeymaking project

You may have heard that honeybees are in trouble and dying out at an alarming rate. But have you thought about what our world would look like if they were to disappear altogether? This is the (very real) possibility that MA Interaction Design student Tom Hoare is exploring in his graduation project, which you’ll be able to see at the upcoming MAID final show (1-4 December 2015).Read More »